Drake & McTrowell, as imagined by watercolor artist Mike Maihack.

A huge part of the reason Krypton Radio is here is to promote the creative work of new writers, performers, artists, filmmakers and musicians.  Today we have something special for you, and it’s some genuinely good steampunk adventure fiction in the form of the continuing adventures of Drake & McTrowell – Perils in a Postulated Past,  a fascinating steampunk literary project by David L Drake & Katherine L Morse. The alternate history of Victorian England comes to life in the continuously unfolding story of Erasmus L. Drake, Chief Inspector at Scotland Yard, and Dr. “Sparky” L. McTrowell Airship Pilot & Flight Surgeon. Morse and Drake don’t just write the stuff – they have also created their characters as costume personae for conventions, and regularly appear in character.

The characters are textured and storied, the plot line is immediately engaging, and the weekly episodes are instantly immersive.  You won’t have to work to get into the narrative space – Drake and Morse fire grappling hooks from the bow of their airship and haul you skyward. It’s not just a pair of shoes with spats they put on in the morning.  They really really get it.

In between episodes, they update their site a few times a week, with pictures, fan art, and other fun bits of news.

They’ve approached us about doing a radio series based on their writings, and we think it would be an absolutely smashing idea – top shelf, most definitely.

But don’t take our word for it – go read for yourself.

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