One of the breakout hits of the Thanksgiving season crop of movie releases has been Wreck It Ralph from Disney Studios, widely hailed as the “Toy Story of video games”.  It’s very hard to keep one’s cynical attitude about life watching a film like Wreck It Ralph, and just as hard to do that while listening to the irrepressibly uplifting music from the sound track.  We’re going to be featuring a lot of music from this movie on Krypton Radio, but here’s one to whet your appetite: Owl City’s When Can I See You Again?

We know that a lot of our listeners and readers are Disney fans, and despite all the changes in the iconic, legendary media company, one thing has remained constant: the continual unshakeable message that it’s worthwhile to be inspired, to look upward instead of downward all the time, and that every single sunrise can bring new hope.  It’s no wonder that we’re instinctively attracted to the message repeated over and over in all these Disney films, and by inference, in the music from them.  That’s one of the underlying themes of Krypton Radio too – we try to play music that reminds you of the best in yourself.

Do we believe in hope?  Always.  And forever.


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