Mikey Mason

Mikey Mason of Redkey, Indiana, is an unlikely geek rock star.  He looks more like he should be building choppers on a cable TV show, or tending bar in New Orleans.  And yet, he’s got a strong double-shot of comedy in his veins and the chops as a singer and musician to pull it all together into some really fine fan service Browncoat music – and he’s prolific, with more than a dozen songs like this on his Bandcamp site that you can listen to, or even purchase if you want one for your very own.

Here is his Please Bring Firefly Back For Christmas, from his album “Barbarian Jetpack”.  We can hardly wait to hear the rest of his stuff.  And yes, you can hear this tune in our Christmas mix on Krypton Radio.


– 30 –


  • The Mikey Mason Home Page
  • The Mikey Mason Bandcamp Page (where you can buy his music)


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