Reviewed by Movie Moxie’s Alicia Glass

Skyfall_movie_poster_20121107090137_320_240Studio: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)

MPAA Rating: PG 13

Director: Sam Mendes

Review Rating: 7.5

Bond is back, after yet another fake death when he was shot by his own MI6, to face down a villain that’s a former Agent of M’s own!

Daniel Craig as the newest James Bond is a tossup for me. He works very hard at it, assuredly, but sometimes the parts or storyline fit wrong, like you can see Bond would prefer straight up Vodka instead of his usual Martini. This latest Bond opus takes a sharper turn towards the style of much earlier Bond movies, where Connery was the suave man himself. In the beginning, Bond crashes a train while chasing a bad guy, shoots his cuffs as the train falls apart behind him, and calmly continues on, only to take a bullet from a fellow MI6 Agent when M gives the order to take the shot. Bond disappears for awhile like he’s dead, like he does, only to have his credibility questioned when he arises from the ashes and has to go through physical and psychological testing all over again, once again at M’s instigation. This I didn’t much care for, they’re trying to prove that Bond is aging and not cut out for the spy game anymore; the breaking down of any legendary Hero should be left to the bad guys, not your own backup. Gareth Mallory, newest attachment to MI6 and aid to M herself, turns out to be better backup than one might have guessed in the beginning, but that’s later. Eventually James declares his own damn self fit for duty and sets off to find more bad guys to hurt.

The sniper battle and then fistfight in the neon-lit-up high rise was interesting. The way it was shot really spoke to me of Bond, and the music they used for it to go along with the lighting, practically screams the essence of James Bond. It is a little hard on the eyes though, to be honest. Then there’s the casino in some foreign Asian country where he meets a sexy dame with a past, Berenice Marlohe as Severine, who unfortunately turns out to be property that’s somehow allowed to carry and even knows how to use a gun. Well whatever. The casino scenes are, once again, quintessentially Bond material. Including the MI6 Agent undercover as backup, the same woman who not too long ago put a bullet in Bond that had his credibility questioned, but hey, no hard feelings. It was after all M who called it. Off we go in a hail of bullets to talk to the madman in his lair and hear him rant. Only this time, the bad guy turns out to be a former MI6 Agent, trained by M and even calls her mother, known as Silva. This guy is absolutely psycho bugshit nuts, even physically looks the part, clearly shown when he gives a rant to Bond about loyalty to M and demonstrates the lingering effects of cyanide pills. Wow. The battle moves from MI6 HQ, where they had Silva and didn’t realize just how much of an evil genius he is and how this whole thing was a setup, to someplace way out in the Scottish Highlands (I think) known as Skyfall. This is the former manor home of Bond himself, where he lived with his parents until their untimely deaths, and then with family friends who turn out to be great allies when called upon. Judi Dench as M is whisked away to Skyfall to protect her, along with family friend Kincade and of course Bond himself, as Silva and a gang of his men assault the manor with all manner of weaponry and shenanigans!

Whew. Exotic locales, an obligatory casino scene, the dangerous dame and the sexy female coworker, and the absolutely insane villain who could be the equivalent of Bonds brother; all combine to make one hell of a comeback Bond movie. There are even a few Spoilers left unrevealed by Moxie, to entice any and all true Bond fans into watching!

– 30 –

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