Reviewed by Movie Moxie’s Alicia Glass

Studio: Paramount Pictures

MPAA Rating: PG 13

Director: Christopher McQuarrie

Review Rating: 7

After an old colleague of his is framed for the sniper killing of five supposedly random strangers, Army cop Jack Reacher is called in to investigate!

They tried, very hard, in this film to give Jack Reacher a kind of reputation almost like Jason Bourne. Served all over the place in the military, damn well trained in all sorts of combat and weapons and such, and the kind of investigator that doesn’t stop no matter what or whom is in his way until the whole truth is revealed. Which he does, more or less, but trying to tack on more to his legend at the very end of the movie is just rather silly.

So the film begins with an obviously unstable (but well trained) sniper taking careful aim and pop! taking out five people at apparent random. He paid the parking meter for his getaway vehicle, and this is the first clue that gee, something is amiss here. Very soon after, a suspect that fits all the profile is picked up, immediately beaten to hell and gone so he can’t say anything in his own defense (aha!) and lands in the hospital. All he’ll say, or write as is the case, is “Get Jack Reacher”. Reacher is reluctantly called in and with the also reluctant aid of the lawyer in the would-be snipers defense Helen, he begins investigating in earnest. Helen’s father Rodin is involved in the case and telling her to back out before it’s too late, along with policeman Emerson, who gives scoffing credence to the legend Reacher brings with him. We get introduced to the main bad guy, he calls himself The Zec, a man obviously crazy, as evidenced after he gives a speech to a lackey about how his fingers went missing and what happened to his eye. I never did quite figure out how The Zec is involved in this entire plot, just that he was the mastermind, and that was kind of unsettling to the audience. So Reacher is plowing on in his investigation, despite tripups from the police, reluctance from the woman lawyer and hey, now the bad guys are hiring hick townsfolk to try and beat Reacher up too. Bad move.

Jack Reacher is of course acted by Tom Cruise and while he still looks damn good doing it, most if not all his own stunts and everything, quite a few action stars could have pulled off the exact same role and done it just as well. Rosamund Pike is lady lawyer Helen, she does fairly well at the sympathy factor for well, everyone. Richard Jenkins is Rodin, Helen’s father. David Oyelowo is cop Emerson, his role was actually pretty good. And Werner Herzog is The Zec, which it turns out means ‘prisoner’ in his native language. Jack Reacher the film is based off a series of books by author Jim Grant, under his pen name Lee Child.

– 30 –