by Gene Turnbow
A cover from the original Amazing Stories, from 1932.

A cover from the original Amazing Stories, from 1932.

I grew up reading science fiction. My first SF book was The Runaway Robot, a young adults book by Lester Del Rey.  A friend had a massive collection of Analog Science Fiction, about a hundred or so issues, which I was given, and which I read cover to cover.  I loved the Kelly Freas covers, and it was his covers that inspired me to take up painting and art in all its forms.  I read Amazing Stories whenever I could get it, and loved it all.

Amazing Stories was originally published by the Experimenter Publishing Company in 1926 and was the world’s first science fiction magazine. Its owner, publisher and first editor was Hugo Gernsback who has been called the Father of Science Fiction. It was published continuously (though by different publishers) until 1995. It was resurrected between 1998 and 2000 and again between 2004 and 2005.

And I’m delighted to be able to report to you that it is now back once again, being published by a new version of the Experimenter Publishing Company, in a new format and directly on the internet.  The soul of the original publication breathes life into Amazing Stories, in its newest incarnation.  While nothing will replace the experience of reading first run stories combined with the visceral experience of reading them from print on paper, there are certain needful things in the universe and Amazing Stories is one of them.

May you find the years of joy I found.  Amazing Stories, welcome back.

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