Contrary to the way we usually select our videos of the day, we didn’t find this one.  It found us.   Contact is about first contact, extraterrestrials, and baking.   Right there, you know it’s going to be worth a look. It’s beautiful, simple and delicate at first but that makes for an eery juxtaposition as first contact goes horribly wrong.

Musician and video artist Jay Stansfield wrote and performed it,  Shot on a shoestring budget, Stansfield and company get around their budget limitations in very inventive ways, and the song itself enjoys Stansfields bright, clear melody lines and vocals.

Contact is from Jay Stansfield’s first  album Lovism.   You can find out more about Jay Stansfield on his Facebook page, if you’re on Facebook.  You can also visit his own web site  and blog, which appear to be separate sites.  And you can order his music here.

And of course, you can hear it on Krypton Radio if you listen for it.


– 30 –


Written by Jay Stansfield
Track recorded at Central Recording Studio, Burnley, UK.
Produced, Mixed and Engineered by Rob Ashworth.
Vocals, synths and guitars by Jay Stansfield
Drums and backing vox by Karl Francis
Bass by Tom Cross


Produced by Jay Stansfield
Directed by Jay Stansfield and Tom Cross
Director of Photography – Donna Craddock
Beings – Collette Von Tora // Hazel Riddle // Stephen Stansfield // Leon Potts // Rob Ashworth
Make Up and Prosthetics – Tamsin Greenbank
Additional Make up – Hayley Ward

Filmed on location in Nelson and Burnley, UK

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