The cover for Lord Num's new album, "The New Electric Gospel".

The cover for Lord Numb’s new album, “The New Electric Gospel”.

The ineffable quality of geekiness comes from unexpected places sometimes.  This time it comes from  U.K. independent artist Lord Numb, with his instrumental piece, 2045.

Purely instrumental are a lot harder to animate to, because you have to paint a mood with pictures without any direct guidance from the song itself other than that mood.  This music video was designed and animated in its entirety by Lord Numb’s friend and associate Robert Johnson, aka “Spiderleg”.

The video tells the story of a squad of zone troopers trying to make their way home – the pacing is subdued and moody, like the music.

Lord Numb takes his influences from David Bowie, Kraftwerk, Cocteau Twins, Suicide and AC/DC.  He’s on White Label Records, and his latest album is The New Electric Gospel.


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