Team Unicorn smashes their way back onto the music scene alongside Stage 5 TV with their first original song “For The Win!”, bringing together a nerd army to destroy evil in a post-apocalyptic world while promoting truth, justice and the Unicorn way.

This is their second appearance on Krypton Radio, and we look forward to more.  And yes, you can hear this tune on Krypton Radio!

– 30 –

Michele Boyd: @micheleboyd
Clare Grant: @claregrant
Milynn Sarley: @milynnsarley
Rileah Vanderbilt: @rileah

Directed by: Dave Yarvo: @yarvo

Featuring cameos by:
Al Yankovic: @AlYankovic
Aisha Tyler: @AishaTyler
Grant Imahara: @GrantImahara
Ashley Holliday: @AshleyRHolliday


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