by Gene Turnbow

It’s a strange state of affairs that movies have trailers, and trailers have teasers.  It’s how the studios churn the waters to keep the social media’s gaze turned towards them while they get ready for their big release dates, and these days with so many distractions vying for consumer attention it’s almost essential for the success of any media project.

I mean, just look at how distracting Krypton Radio is.  You listen to it all day at work because it’s something you can do that’s fannish that you can still enjoy without the boss being able to actually see it on your desktop if he or she happens to walk by.


So the trailer puts a few of the clues we’d seen from the teasers and the poster we found a couple of days ago together.  There is an Iron Legion, which Tony calls “his boys”.  There is the Mandarin, being played by Ben Kingsley, who while being one of the nicest men you’ll ever meet has made a living of playing some very credible heavies during his film career (but also including Ghandi in a film by the same name).  There is the almost foregone conclusion of Pepper Potts as resident Damsel In Distress.   And there is that serious lack of a secret identity for Tony Stark, which, while canon and true to the comics, really does point up why it is exactly that superheroes need secret identities in the first place.

This is going to be a really fun ride, and I suspect you’ll be looking forward to seeing the actual motion picture on May 3, 2013.

Enjoy the trailer.

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