It’s Thursday, March 21, 2013, and it seems like the summer movies are all banging their shields with their swords and pumping out trailer after trailer.  This week we have a basketload of them to show you, so rather than push them out one per day, we’re going to give them to you all at once!

Star Trek: Into Darkness

We begin with the new Star Trek movie Star Trek: Into Darkness starring Christopher Pine, Zachary Quinto as Kirk and Spock, and Benedict Cumberbatch as the the villian.  In this clip we see far more of Cumberbatch than we have ever seen in previous trailers or teasers – and exactly who Cumberbatch is playing is actually less clear than it ever was.

The new Star Trek movie is due out May 16.

After Earth

The trailer for Will Smith’s new film is out too, and it’s a sci-fi father and son buddy film. Will Smith plays Cypher Raige, a decorated military man, and his son Jaden Smith plays Cypher’s son Kitai. Together they fight to survive on a hostile world, where all life has evolved to kill humans. The planet they crash land on? Earth.

After Earth is not the first movie where father and son have shared the screen together, but is the first time Jaden has been front and center like this in an action thriller.

After Earth comes to theaters in the U.S. June 7.

KickAss 2

This one we have to caution you about the language used in the trailer – there are some obscenities in it, and if you’re a kid, you probably don’t want to be watching this one.  You’re not going to get to see this movie anyway.

In the new movie, Hit Girl is back, and so is Kickass, but their nemesis from the last film is back for revenge following the death of his father.  He holds KickAss responsible, and plots plots an act of revenge that will affect everyone Kickass knows.

Kickass 2 hits the big screen August 16.


Tom Cruise is back for another try at science fiction.  He’s had some good ones.  Minority Report comes to mind.  He’s had some bad ones.  Battlefield:Earth was a vanity film best forgotten.  This movie, about a war veteran on a mission to extract the last of Earth’s remaining resources who begins to question his  mission and himself, co-stars Morgan Freeman.

When there’s any doubt whether a sci-fi film will do well, put Morgan Freeman in it.

Oblivion debuts April 19.

It’s going to be a very very busy summer for geek-centric blockbuster movies, don’t forget that Iron Man 3 is coming out May 3. As expensive as movie tickets are these days, a lot of folks won’t be able to afford to see them all. Krypton Radio is glad to be able to help you see what’s out there and make up your minds which movies get your hard earned ticket dollars.

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