by staff writer Laura Davis
Photo courtesy of DC Comics

Photo courtesy of DC Comics

DC Comics and Warner Brothers announced this week that they will be releasing Batman ’66, a digital-first comic series based on the 1960’s Batman TV series. The new series, due out this summer, will bring back all of the fan favorites and bring some new ones into the picture, keeping true to the campy style of the Adam West Batman. Jeff Parker is writing the new series, with cover art by Mike Allred, and the first 3 stories illustrated by Jonathan Case. The digital versions will be released in 10-page installments, followed by the release of 30-page print versions.

In an interview with Comic Book Resources, Parker said of the new series, “When I write this, I hear Adam West and Burt Ward speaking. But I also have the unlimited budget of the artist’s skill, and Jonathan Case makes this look like a summer blockbuster. Batman and Robin can do insane feats that even hardened stunt men would fear. And the henchmen they fight really look like monstrous goons. If I do it right, though, you’ll hear West.”

Batusi TV Exclusive Toy

courtesy of Mattel

In 2004, DC Comics quashed a proposed cover of Solo, which depicted Batman doing the Batusi, but with the reboot comes a new attitude, and they’re now embracing the Batusi, a dance at the pinnacle of campiness. Though it appeared in only two episodes of the 60’s series, it left an indelible mark on campy Bat-culture. At San Diego’s ComicCon 2013, Bat-fans will have the opportunity to get their hands on an exclusive Mattel  “Batusi TV” toy: a 6″ figure of the Adam West Batman doing the Batusi. The awesome window box features the work of graphic artist SHAG.

Yesterday, DC and Warner Bros. also announced the upcoming release of a new PC game called Infinite Crisis. Though it shares a name with their 2005 release, it’s not directly based on the previous game. The PC-based MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) is set in the DC multiverse, and features familiar characters like Green Lantern and The Flash, and twisted variants like Nightmare Batman and Gaslight Catwoman. The game, developed by Turbine-a subsidiary of Warner Bros. Home Entertainment- will be free to play, and users can sign up for a chance to get in on beta at the Infinite Crisis official site.

With the revival of campy Batman, DC closes the circle of Batman fans: now there’s something for everyone. The Millennial generation grew up with The Dark Knight trilogy as its predominant Batman exposure. Will this generation warm to the campier version that Generation X grew up on? Will Boomers who enjoyed the 60’s series as young adults and Gen-Xers feel the nostalgia strongly enough to support the new material? Tune in this summer.  Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel!


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