by staff writer Laura Davis
Denise verricoDenise Verrico’s Immorytl Revolution series is a unique marriage of science fiction and urban fantasy, giving a fresh spin on vampire lore. The novels (there are currently four in the series) are thought-provoking in their examination of tradition versus progress, science versus dogma, and fear versus wisdom. The novels are thrilling and touching, and as steamy as they are philosophical.

Whether they represent old-school tradition or radical revolutionary views, each character faces the same choice: whether Immortyls will live as gods or demons among humans. Verrico pairs deep insight into human nature with a fantasy world that fits so snugly alongside the real one, it feels like it ought to be real.

“My favorite television show as a child was the soap opera Dark Shadows, and my favorite author in the vampire genre is Anne Rice. I like the Gothic and historical aspects of her books. I must give her credit for influencing me,” says Verrico. “Inspiration comes a lot from my non-fiction reading. I’ll read about a place or historical period, and I’ll want to create a character to reflect it.”Annals of the Immortyls

Verrico serves up a delectable side dish with her new collection of short stories, Annals of the Immortyls. Two of the shorts delve farther into the poignant back stories of main characters Mia Di Santini and Kurt Eisen, with whom the novels begin. The third story is a tangential plot built around another main character, Cedric MacKinnon, who is, in the opinion of many readers, the crown jewel of the series. It is Cedric’s story which leads the action to a rich and vivid version of India, where he becomes a courtesan.  With his short, Verrico is able to take the reader on a thrilling side trip, which wouldn’t have fit well into the story arc of the novels.

If you haven’t read the novels yet, the shorts are a great hors d’oeuvre. If you’ve already read the series, this amazing bonus material will pull you even more deeply into the beautifully crafted world of the Immortyls.