Victor Sierra is a steampunk band that takes the genre and pushes it way above and beyond the basic definition.  Their rich, lush, multilayered approach to to the steampunk ideal creates an impressive solid wall of sound.  You hear something new each time you listen to one of their songs.  Not willing to rest on the quality of the  instrumentals themselves, they have terrific vocalists and deep lyrics that fully engage you.  You don’t listen to Victor Sierra so much as live it.

This is what makes it so surprising that they need your help with their IndieGoGo fundraising campaign, but they do.  At this writing they have fifteen days to reach their modest goal of $6,000 U.S. dollars to record their next album this year in 2013.

Want to hear the next Victor Sierra album?  Helping them do it could cost you less than that pizza you had the other day for lunch.  Dig deep.  They deserve you help.

You can hear Victor Sierra music on Krypton Radio as part of our regular daily play.

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