Today’s Video of the Day asks the  question, “What would happen if Fred Flintstone was cast as Captain Kirk, and he took his landing party to Tatooine and got them marooned there?”

We’re sure that this is a question that has simmered in the backs of everyone’s minds since .. okay, never mind that. There’s no way this mashup could have happened on its own.

It needed help.

The highly-unlikely adventures of the crew of the U.S.S. Magnetize. This Flash series was created by cartoon artist Brian Matthews out of his love for The Flintstones and Star Trek. What started out as a series of humorous panels developed into a Flash animation series that just seems to have a life of it’s own. It stars the considerable voice talents of Wally Fields as all the characters on the show.

There are a number of episodes of this series on YouTube, all by Matthews.  He first started creating these in 2002, so they’ve been around for a while – but that also means that there are a lot of them to watch.

We love Stone Trek, despite the fact that the last one was made almost five years ago.  But there’s some good news!  On the Star Trek: New Voyages forums, we found a post by Matthews dated March 1, 2013:

Greetings, all!
This is Brian Matthews, creator of the online cartoon series Stone Trek, and I have stopped in to convey some good news: Stone Trek is coming back! STONE TREK: Season, Too! gets started with an adaptation of one of my favorite sci-fi stories, one almost ready-made for the Stone Trek mythos. “A Star Called Zyrene” involves a nice little planet whose bizarre inhabitants have a problem they could use some help with – but then there’s that darned Prime Invective: “Don’t interfere with space aliens OR ELSE!”

A teaser should be ready by summer. There’s a step-up in production values, and you’ll see a lot more utilization of 3D in what’s to come (wait ’til you see the Magnetize in action in the opening sequence!). Wally Fields is said to be back on board, so it’s all on me (no Jim Jenkins on writing chores, so I get to do that, too).

And if all goes well, we’ll be needing Redshirts (I know I’ll need nine of them in the next planned storyline!). Also, I am looking for sponsorship possibilities, only to pay for Wally’s excellent voice work.
Email me at for whatever other info I might be inclined to give or to just start a line of communication, and I will see you folks around here soon, I’m sure.

Thank you for your attention.


Brian Matthews

We would encourage Brian to start a Kickstarter campaign to get the funding he needs.

We hope you enjoy today’s offering – have a look, it’s funny!

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