Today we found two videos we really wanted to share with you.  Rather than choosing which one, we just chose both.  We’re lazy that way.

Commander Strax’s Q&A

Commander Strax finds himself at the Monster Day Out, Cardiff, answering questions from miniature humans.  They ask Commander Strax all sorts of interesting questions about Strax and his life as a warrior of the glorious Sontaran Empire.


He Said, She Said – A Prequel for The Name of the Doctor

Fans are either excited, or outraged, or both.  There’s some serious and heavy debate about whether the true name of the Doctor will – or should – ever be told.  (If there is actually any truth to the rumor that some people got the Blu-ray of the current season with the final episode in advance shipped to them in the U.S. before the show had actually aired, hush you.)  Here’s a tantalizing prequel telling both sides of the coin from the perspective of both Clara and the Doctor.

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