editorial by Lady Soliloque

star-trek-2-into-darkness-posterMany people will read the title of this article and immediately dismiss that statement or take offense to it, but I think it is a true observation and an exciting one to find out!

Some people have really bad issues with Fan Fiction due to a big misunderstanding about what Fan Fiction actually is, and bad first experiences with the world of Fan Fiction online. I will not deny that a vast amount of Fan Fiction is drivel and badly written, but what most people do not stick around to find out is that there is an amazing array of talented writers who provide fans with amazing ideas, characters, and concepts that are true gems, as well as creating stories that expand on what fans really want to see in their Fandoms. There are even famous writers and actors who author Fan Fiction. To name one or two recognizable Fan Fiction writers, Neil Gaiman is a beloved author who pens amazing Fan Fiction, and even Matt Smith, the actor portraying the 11th Doctor in Doctor Who wrote out a few Fan Fiction stories of the Doctor traveling with Einstein before tackling the role.

One of the most used concepts by Fan Fiction writers is the A/U (Alternate Universe), a place where writers can take their beloved characters and canon (official) plots into a place where they can change things and present a new imagining of the story. As both a reader and a writer of Fan Fiction, this is my favorite category to delve into.

Good Fan Fiction writers write for the fans, incorporating ideas and changes that fans long to see from their Fandom, and JJ Abrams followed this process in an amazing way in his movies. He incorporated elements of interpersonal relationships, twisted canon plot lines, switched character roles in well known scenes, and tied it all together with a believable story in an Alternate Universe in which it can be accepted.

With this being said, I can now state that JJ Abrams and his writing team are some of the most amazing Fan Fiction writers out there. They have done what other Fan Fiction writers dream about, they have taken Star Trek into an Alternate Universe and presented it to the fans as a movie and thus, made it canon in its own right.

If you enjoy JJ Abrams vision of Star Trek, then you should take the time to look into the world of Fan Fiction – you will most likely be amazed by what you discover out there.

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