By Erik “PK” Blackwell



Nat Iwata's Elves and Orcs 3

We’re no stranger to the special art world of professional illustrator Nat Iwata. Back in June 2012 we brought you the story of Nat’s Kickstarter for his Steampunk Alphabet book, after Nat had becomed intrigued by the world of Steampunk, and wanted to introduce his young children to it. So what better way than to use a kids book, but to his surprise there wasn’t much on the market at the time in the way of Steampunk children’s literature. So using his expertise in illustration, he crafted the early designs for the book and started a Kickstarter campaign to help him fund the production.

Not only was Nat’s Kickstarter a resounding success, but the book has been printed and is on sale as of June. Bolstered by the confidence of one Kickstarter, Nat took a chance and introduced Steampunk Cthulhu playing cards, which he had manufactured by the Bicycle Card Company.

Nat Iwata's Elves and Orcs 2Nat’s latest project is another deck of themed playing cards, but he’s decided to ‘jump genres’ as he’s put it, with Elves and Orcs. Steampunk is sometimes a hard sell with the general public, but Elves and Orcs? You’ll probably get an immediate Lord Of The Rings reference from most, but a more hardcore nerd will probably hit you with World Of Warcraft or Dungeons and Dragons nostalgia, when opening up this beautifully illustrated pack.

With a goal of $18,000, Nat has already raised an impressive $7,492 and has at least 28 days to go on his fundraiser. Based on the impressive quality of the Steampunk book (which we’ve had the pleasure to read), we feel confident that Nat is putting out another high quality product which we’ll be looking forward to!

A Bicycle brand deck graced with our favorite ancient rivals: Elves & Orcs. Beautiful art, formidable foes, a deck with some tension.

Why Elves & Orcs? I thought it would be fun to do a dual themed card deck, utilizing the red and black suits. When I was thinking of opposing forces, the ancient rivalry between Elves and Orcs was one of the first things to come to mind. Hopefully it’s a visually fun contrast, and will make for a kickin’ card deck.

Elves & Orcs Kickstarter