It’s been a rough week for science fiction fans despite the great beginning for the convention season this summer.  This week we say goodbye to three of the most beloved creators: science fiction writers Jack Vance and Andrew Greeley, and horror film director Eddie Romero.

Jack Vance

Science fiction grand master Jack Vance, dead at 96.

Science fiction grand master Jack Vance, dead at 96.

SF grand master Jack Vance, 96, died last Sunday, May 26, 2013 in Oakland CA. Vance was one of the most influential SF authors of the postwar period; his visionary imagination and sophisticated, often playful use of language inspired countless SF writers, including Avram Davidson, Harlan Ellison, Matthew Hughes, George R.R. Martin, Michael Moorcock, and Gene Wolfe.

Vance won the World Fantasy Award for lifetime achievement in 1984; the SFWA Grand Master Award in 1997; and he was inducted into the Science Fiction Hall of Fame in 2001.

Andrew Greeley

Noted as much for his work in academia and his sometimes scathing critiques of his own church as for his work in science fiction, the outspoken Roman Catholic priest, best selling author and sociologist Rev. Andrew Greeley died Wednesday night, several years after fracturing his skull in a freak accident involving the door of a taxi cab and a loose item of clothing.

Greeley was the author of two science fiction novels, God Game and The Final Planet. The Rev. Greeley died in his sleep at his apartment at the John Hancock Center, according to his spokeswoman, June Rosner. He was 85.

Eddie Romero

Filipino filmmaker Eddie Romero, best known among horror & exploitation fans for the Blood Island horror film series and his work with Roger Corman on several Philippines-based movies, passed away yesterday at 88. According to his son, Romero had been hospitalized for much of this month and lapsed into a coma shortly before his death.