I met the Eighth Doctor with Grace

Actress Daphne Ashbrook

Actress Daphne Ashbrook

Actress Daphne Ashbrook is one of the nicest, most effervescent people you’d ever want to meet. She’s also got the distinction of having played characters in two perennial favorites, Doctor Who and Star Trek.

She played the Dr. Grace Holloway, companion of the 8th Doctor in Doctor Who: The Movie – and on Sunday, June 23, 2013, she’s hosting a Re-Watch event of the film that put her on the map in Doctor Who fandom.

Reprinted, with kind permission, from her own web site:

June 12, 2013 in Announcements, Doctor Who, Featured

And now…for my British buddies….Yeah, I know you’re eight hours ahead….eight….interesting!

We’re gonna do this thing! RegenerEIGHT: The Great Movie Re-Watch will be happening On Sunday, June 23rd.

It’s at 1:00pm PST, 4:00pm EST, 9:00 pm GMT – for you lovely Brits.

More details will be coming soon!! And for everyone who doesn’t have their “Doctor Who: The Movie” DVD yet, click on the link to get your copy through Amazon. Then forward your email confirmation from Amazon to: RegenerEIGHT@daphneashbrook.com and you will receive a commemorative picture that you can slide right into your DVD cover slip. Your confirmation will only give me your shipping address & name but no personal financial information….so your secrets are safe! So. Get your movie…and the popcorn….it’s all happening!

The movie is also on Netflix, but what would you slide your commemorative picture into?

She also appeared on Star Trek: Deep Space 9 as Melora Pazlar in the episode Melora – she played a crewman who had to decide whether to accept Dr. Bashir’s treatment that would allow her to function normally outside the extreme low gravity of her home planet.

Events like this are what Doctor Who fandom is all about, and kudos to Miss Ashbrook for bringing fans together to celebrate being Whovians.

Will you be watching?

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