by Gene Turnbow

I was skeptical at first when Warner Bros. Studios announced in 2012 that they were going to do a LEGO movie.  A LEGO movie?  Who would watch that?  But as the years went by and we saw more and more cut scenes from LEGO games themed on existing popular culture, like Lord of the Rings, and Batman, and Star Wars and seeing how good they were (and how funny they were) I relented.  And after seeing this trailer, I think you will too.

Directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs) are helming the LEGO movie. And of course, it’s impossible to argue with the attraction of Morgan Freeman voicing one of the characters.  If my life had a narrator, I would want it to be Morgan Freeman.  Wouldn’t anyone?

Everything in this trailer is a gag or a poke at some pop icon, and it takes itself about as seriously as you’d expect.  And unsurprisingly, it has a childlike innocence about it that makes you want to see what happens next.  The Lego Movie is due out in February of 2014.

The LEGO MOVIE looks like waaaay more fun than it has any right to be.  Have a look!

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