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By Erik “PK” Blackwell


I’m a big fan of Batman, so anytime I come across or am shown Batman themed fan films, I take interest. Many out there are well intended but are very poor quality, while others have shown that fans that don’t have multimillion dollar budgets can still make very high quality films. Grayson: Earth One is one such fan project that showcases big budget Hollywood production values, without having the large studio bankroll.

Grayson: Earth One, is a web series currently in development and production from veteran filmmaker Hisonni Johnson of P3 Productions , who brings us his unique take on the beloved world of Batman, but from the viewpoint of Richard Grayson in an alternate timeline.

If you haven’t watched the film yet, then possible spoilers ahead!

In this pilot episode of the retelling of the Batman storyline, we focus on Richard “Dick” Grayson, who instead of being rescued by Bruce Wayne as a boy, is forced to grow up on the mean streets of Gotham.

He also develops one hell of a singing voice, as he performs in his own heavy rock band. Despite this different background, he still has the heart of hero beating within, developing a reputation as someone who will stand up and help others. Grayson is forced into action as Gotham City is gripped by fear over the vanishing of thirty young women within a short time period.

Grayson’s close friend Barbara Gordon is kidnapped one night, leading him to believe she’s fallen victim to the same gang who’s reportedly behind the disappearances. As we delve into the story, we find a familiar foe of Dr. Victor Fries (Mister Freeze – before his transformation), who is apparently kidnapping and killing women who are a close genetic match to his dying wife, in the vain attempt to find body parts to keep her alive.

That’s partly conjecture on my part as that’s where I feel the story is going based on prior versions of the Mister Freeze storyline. Batman does make an appearance, but it’s clear this series is about how Grayson becomes the legendary superhero Nightwing, without having been trained or previously influenced by Batman.

I found it tantalizing in one scene, where Barbara Gordon is handcuffed and facing off against one of Freeze’s goons, taking punches to the face and showing the toughness we’d expect from Batgirl. Is this a tip off that Gordon as Batgirl would make an appearance later in the series? I certainly hope so. The posters for the show also hint to us seeing Harley Quinn, who’s always been a favorite villain of mine. I should restrain my inner fan-boy a bit though since this is a retelling of the Batman universe, you really don’t know what’s going to happen. And there may be some surprises in store for us that even I wouldn’t expect.

With solid acting, great action, and what appears to be a very robust storyline coming to life; this pilot episode gives us a good taste of what the rest of the series will be like, and it makes me want to come back for more, so much more. As Hisonni Johnson points out, this version of the Nightwing story while loosely based on established canon, is still unconstrained story wise, meaning anything can, and probably will happen. He’s also proud to say this version can potentially resonate with people of many different ages and backgrounds who may not have been previously into the DC Universe or the Nightwing storyline. With many of the Superhero shows and movies out there going for a grittier and realism based approach in the 21st century, Grayson: Earth One should fit in nicely.

Starring Stephen McCain (Grayson), Daz Crawford, Rileah Vanderbilt, Angela Gulner, Peter Jang, Katie Young, and Raj Bhavsar.

I give ‘Grayson: Earth One,’ Five out of Five stars.

I would rate it at least PG-13 with parental guidance suggested, due to violence and other content. You can check it out on our page right here!

I’m looking forward to seeing another episode, but the producers need your help to make that happen, and they’re running a indiegogo campaign to raise funds for the completion of the first season! Their goal is to reach at least $40,000 to fund the rest of the episodes, and they’ve already raised an impressive $5,000 to start.

Will the fans rally to bring us the rest of this story? Will Grayson sing another song? Will Victor Fries become the infamous Mister Freeze after doing battle with Nightwing or Batman? Stay tuned to this station for the exciting conclusion, same bat-time, same bat-channel!



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