by Krypton Radio intern Hannah Carter

It’s Felicia Day’s birthday! Only 33, Day has created her own media empire, starting with acting in various mainstream television shows, including Supernatural and Eureka and expanding on that to create her own inimitable brand. 

Day’s web series The Guild, a show about a guild of gamers who play an MMORPG together, and Dragon Age: Redemption  both have huge followings. The show, which Day writes, produces, and acts in, is based on the fantasy world in the role-playing video game Dragon Age

Her Geek & Sundry Vlogs  are a new entertainment gem. “This is a channel,” Day says in the introduction video, “where we’ve hand-picked vloggers to talk to you about an array of awesome subjects from comics to cosplay to creative writing to thumb wrestling! Our vloggers embody the best in geek from around the world.” The vloggers each get a spot every two weeks to talk about their geeky passions and respond to followers.

Day not only works geek but lives it as well, playing tabletop roleplaying games like Magic: The Gathering and text-based adventure browser games like Echo Bazaar. She is a fan of steampunk, too. She did a photo shoot at Clockwork Couture which she filmed and put on Geek & Sundry Vlogs. The video  also includes Day’s declaration that her dog, Cubby Day, is “the cutest dog ever.” He certainly is adorable.

Is she doing anything special to celebrate? According to her Facebook page, she had a special “birthday breakfast: first cappuccino I’ve had in six months, croissant and breakfast Twinkie.” Sounds like a good way to start the day. Have a happy rest-of-your-birthday, Ms. Day!