Event HorizonAwwww.  You were planning to listen to the Event Horizon to hear your favorite actor, screenwriter or fan creator and you missed it.  You had to take your mom to dinner.  The valve under the kitchen sink broke.  The dog ate your homework.  Your dog got sick.  From eating your homework.  Or you just plain forgot.

Fear not!  Now every episode of the Event Horizon is online and can be downloaded as a podcast, or you can listen straight from our web site!  Of course, if you want to hear the episode before anybody else does, you still have to tune in and listen when the show is on.  We’re not posting the shows until one to two weeks after they’ve aired – and until October, every episode will be free to download!

We hope you enjoy the Event Horizon as much as we enjoy making them for you.

The Event Horizon – it’s Sci-Fi for your Wi-Fi.