DAVID BRADLEY as William Hartnell who played the original Doctor Who.

DAVID BRADLEY as William Hartnell who played the original Doctor Who. Photo from BBC Blog


The BBC has released the first official shot of David Bradley playing William Hartnell in the First Doctor’s costume. The photograph (left) also features the exterior of the TARDIS as it will appear in An Adventure in Space and Time, the BBC drama exploring the origins of Doctor Who.

And we think this puts to rest how well this is going to work out on camera.

If you don’t remember who David Bradley is, by the way, he played Solomon in Dinosaurs on a Spaceship.  He’s better known to us in the movies as the non-magical caretaker of the castle at Hogwarts, Argus Filch.

Mark Gatiss, writer and one of the drama’s executive producers, said, ‘David Bradley brings every ounce of his talent, humour and presence to the role of William Hartnell. It’s a wonderfully touching and subtle performance and I’m immensely proud of both him and the film.’

An Adventure in Space and Time will premiere on BBC Two later this year.  It’s a documentary-drama, detailing the origins of the longest running science fiction program in television history.  All the actors are playing other actors, as well as production staff, so it’s a very circular self-referential recursive idea for a story.  You know, that wibbley wobbley business we’ve been hearing so much about.

Jessica Raine will portray the show’s first producer, Verity Lambert.  The cast also includes Brian Cox as BBC exec Sydney Newman, Sacha Dhawan as director Waris Hussein, Jamie Glover as William Russell (who played the Doctor’s companian Ian), Jemma Powell as Jacqueline Hill (who played the Doctor’s other companion Barbara) and Claudia Grant as Carole Ann Ford (who played the Doctor’s granddaughter, Susan Foreman). Reece Shearsmith is also on board as Patrick Troughton (the second Doctor) and Mark Eden plays Donald Baverstock.

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