by Bazinga!Girl JJ Zwirn, of Seeking Bazinga!

They’ve been spotted all over the U.S. So far. Window washers dressed up as Superheroes like Spiderman, the Hulk, Batman, Superman, and Captain America and washing the windows of children’s hospitals.

The kids go nuts seeing their favorite superheroes outside their windows, which makes them all feel better, the terminal and the not terminal, and it gives the guys a warm fuzzy feeling inside to make those kids feel better!

They’ve been spotted at Children’s Hospital Penn State in Pittsburgh, C.S. Motts Children’s Hospital in Ann Arbor, Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, St. Francis Children’s Hospital in Tulsa, Children’s Hospital in Akron.

After hearing about a similar scheme in Great Britain, Organizer Edward Matuizek, president of Allegheny Window Cleaning, decided to pay around $800 on Broadway quality costumes for his window washers. His crew of “grime fighting” superhero employees received a hero’s welcome from the surprised kids.

Matuizek said: “All the guys had tears of joy in their eyes behind the costumes – it was very touching and overwhelming how excited the children were.”

One window cleaner dressed up as The Hulk said he’d been wanting to do this for years, and you can hear the emotion in his voice, even through the mask.

These guys, every single one of them, are true super heroes. And if you ask the kids, there were no wires and harness holding these guys up. They were real.

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