This year with all eyes on the Doctor Who television series’ with its 50th Anniversary, the departure of Matt Smith and the arrival of Peter Capaldi in the title role, Google is making Doctor Who a big part of its Geek Week celebration on YouTube.  One of the highlights is a new music video from one of the best loved Trock bands in the world is Chameleon Circuit, and the lead singer, Alex Day.

Usually the band shoots its videos with whatever it has at hand, but this time the BBC actually stepped forward and offered the use of the TARDIS set in Cardiff, Wales.  It’s plain from the look on Alex’s face that he couldn’t be more thrilled.  And topping it all off, it’s terrific music.  So naturally, it’s now in the Krypton Radio lineup.

Enjoy!  Then watch the behind the scenes video – see behind the scenes of the shoot and learn how to make your own sonic screwdriver.

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