Preternatural will be a classic creature feature disguised as a documentary and aims to put the “terror” back into fairy folklore.  If you are a fan of horror films, monsters, and science fiction, then keep on reading.

Brothers Sean and Tim Cunningham are creating a new modern fairy tale – but in the old tradition of fairy stories, where the personified forces of nature were unpredictable at best, terrifying and deadly at worst.  With two feature films under their belt already and more than 35 years of combine experience working on the visual effects for more than 60 major feature films between them (some of which won Academy Awards), they hope to make Preternatural something truly worthy of the genre.  And there’s every indication they can, with your support.

The quality bar they’re striving for is nothing less than the leading edge of what can be done in a visual medium. They’re assisted by professional designers and animators and other filmmaking professionals from their long history in the motion picture industry, and it quite literally doesn’t get better than this.  And unlike a lot of motion picture projects, this one has the distribution partner already arranged, which puts it miles ahead of other projects of otherwise similar prospects for success.

If you have something you can kick in, please do.  Your credit card won’t be charged until the completion of the IndieGoGo campaign.

Good luck, guys!  We think you have a deserving project, and Preternatural is a film that must be made.

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