backupRibbonSexual harassment has become an increasingly disturbing trend at large fandom conventions.  Up to now, there hasn’t been a way for fans to protect themselves against sexual predation at the conventions – it’s important to be able to feel safe at these large gatherings, whether you’re female or male. The Backup Ribbon Project is a project to allow fans to back up each other at science fiction conventions and other geek gatherings. 

Backup Ribbon Project co-founder Tina Beychok joins us on tonight’s show, with guest panelists Dr. Rebecca Housel, the Pop Culture Professor, a vocal activist for women’s rights and safety at sci-fi conventions, and  Corsair’s Closet producer Kristine Cherry.

If you miss our episode of The Event Horizon, it will air again on Sunday, September 7, 2013 at 4PM PDT / 7PM EDT.

The Event Horizon – It’s Sci-Fi for your Wi-Fi!

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