We used to call them hall costumes – but cosplay, as it’s known today, has risen to a high art.  Today’s video of the day celebrates you cosplayers.  Thank you for the magic you make.  The video itself was created by Beat Down Boogie, a web based film troupe, and was found on their YouTube channel.

The production team for Beat Down Boogie are:

  • Micah Moore – Creative Director, Writer, Shooter, Editor, Producer
  • Rick Burnett – Technical Director, Shooter, VFX, Producer, Music & Audio
  • Blake Faucette – Art Director, Shooter, Producer
  • Matthew Sumner – Lead Actor, Fight Choreographer
  • Brian Lee – Lead Actor, Stunt Coordinator

The music, in the order played, was:

  • Podington Bear – Filaments
  • Fissunix – Shout Hello
  • The Gray Havens – Silver

The music choices were so exceptional that we’ve decided to add all three of these cuts to the Krypton Radio broadcast library as well.


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