We are proud to be the first fan news site on the planet to bring your attention to the release of Hraefn Wulfson’s  Flight From Shadow, the award winning fan film based on Robert  Jordan’s Wheel of Time series of fantasy novels. Making its world wide debut today on September 20, 2013, Flight From Shadow takes us into a visually exciting interpretation of Jordan’s world.

On November 7th, 2011, a band of Utah filmmakers embarked on an unforgettable journey.  Their task:  to create a film honoring and inspired by the world and characters created by Robert Jordan in the famous Wheel of Time book series. Fighting severe weather, organizing extras, negotiating with supernatural beings, building huge set edifices and magical garments, this crew braved many challenges in their making of Flight From Shadow.

The fan film, Flight from Shadow follows Rand al’Thor and Mat Cauthon down the Caemlyn Road. When Rand and Mat seek shelter in the Dancing Cart-Man inn at the village of Four Kings, they soon find that the servants of the Great Lord of the Dark are in pursuit.

The film breaks ground in fan film-making by going straight from book to screen, completely bypassing Hollywood who has yet to make any small or big screen adaptations of the famed literary series.  Despite the fact in 2008, Universal Pictures apparently acquired the rights to produce a film based on Wheel of Time, however the en-devour never made it out of the idea stage. The first true vision of what the world of the Wheel of Time looks and feels like, will be coming from none other than a fan-film.  If a feature length motion picture is ever made for Wheel of Time, Flight From Shadow establishes the bar by which any such motion picture will surely be judged – and a very high bar it is.

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