by Cat Carter

The Torrance Art Museum is my favorite art museum, and it’s not just because it’s only five minutes from me or that’s free to enter (though those are both excellent points!) Located within the Torrance Cultural Arts Center, this small museum offers big possibilities for entertainment, education, and enlightenment. Instead of the usual pretentious art gallery themes, curator Max Presneill looks for something different, frequently showcasing sub-genres.

The present show is no exception. It’s called True Believers, based on Stan Lee’s trademark catchphrase, and it highlights pieces that explore the pop culture of comics, science fiction, and fantasy, and their influence on the art world, in particular as well as the world at large. Fans of science fiction, especially the Boomers like me who grew up in the Space Age, will be delighted, intrigued, and provoked as they tour the various pieces consisting of paintings, sculptures, and even video and films, some iconic and some fresh new indies. I could go on further (Cylon! Sleestak!) but for the catchphrase from one of my own favorite sf shows ringing in my ears: “Spoilers!”

So come on over to Torrance in the beautiful South Bay region of Los Angeles and see for yourself. Fit for virtually the entire family, you may find it a wonderful opportunity to dialogue, share memories, and deepen connections. I often bring my youngest, my daughter whom I am homeschooling, to tour the new shows as they arrive.  We’ve been doing so since she was four and she loves them all – she comes home inspired to create. Don’t dilly-dally though! True Believers last day is October 12 and unless you have a TARDIS or can slingshot your starship around the sun, once you miss out there will be no going back.

Torrance Art Museum is located at
3320 Civic Center Dr Torrance, CA 90503
phone: (310) 618-6340

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