By the Corsair's Closet's Liz Carlie, the 'Mad Woman with a Box'

Though Batman will not be featured in the series, GOTHAM will include the early exploits of some of the Caped Crusader’s most infamous adversaries.

On the heels of the smash premiere of Marvel’s Agents of  S.H.IE.L.D. this past Tuesday, it’s no surprise that everyone is going to be looking to cash in on the guaranteed payday of a comics-based television series. Any new enterprise is a risk, but when you have a fanbase built in to a potential new show? The sky’s the limit.

Wednesday, it was announced that FOX had committed to yet another comic property that will be hitting small screens, this time in the DC universe with the series Gotham. The one-hour crime drama, penned by The Mentalist creator Bruno Heller, will feature the origin story of a young Commissioner Gordon during his days as a detective, as well as the stories of many of the villains that put Gotham City on the map. Because the series is a prequel to the world of the Caped Crusader that we know, Batman will not be a part of the cast. Warner Brothers will be producing the series, but as of this writing there are no announcements for casting, nor a release date.

With a premise that promises to tell some fascinating stories and a concept that leaves a lot of room for newcomers to the Batman franchise, Gotham has the potential to become an instant hit with the right promotion and time slot. Of course, with the network’s sketchy history of killing hit shows early on and interfering excessively with the creative direction of high caliber writers and show runners, one can’t help but wonder if Foxwill allow the show to flourish on its own merit.

Will the legacy of the Dark Knight prevail? Or will Fox play second cousin to the Joker, hell bent on watching the world burn? Tune in next time to find out…same Gotham time, same Gotham channel.

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