Entertainment Weekly has premiered a new two-minute Superman short created by Bruce Timm and Man of Steel director Zack Snyder.  The action takes Superman from his first appearance on the cover of Action Comics #1 to the present day, and you can see the artistic styles of the various artists who have made their mark on the character.

Timm told EW:

“It was Zack Snyder’s idea. We had approached him about maybe doing a short for the DC Nation program on Cartoon Network. He said, ‘I’ll think about it,’ and then he had this idea to do basically the entire history of Superman in, like, a minute. We said, ‘Okay … whoooo.’ We started working and quickly realized there was no way to do it, even in a minute.”

Timm and his crew had to make some hard choices on what to put in and what to leave out.  There are limits to what you can do in two minutes, and the short was originally pitched to Timm by Zack Snyder as a one minute short. The appeal of Timm’s short derives from his in-depth knowledge of the Superman mythology.

While some of the actors who have played Superman ended up on the conceptual cutting room floor (Kirk Alyn, Dean Caine, Brandon Routh), Timm got a lot of great stuff in.  Lex Luthor is there.  So are Doomsday, Brainiac, Bizarro and Mxyzptlk, the imp from the Fifth Dimension.  Lois Lane has a cameo, and Jimmy Olson appears twice, once as “Turtle Boy”.  and Superman’s magical nemesis Myxyzpltk, the imp from another dimension.

The short was produced by Warner Bros. Animation.  There are no credits on it (Hans Zimmer is reported to have conducted the musical score before  a full studio orchestra, but a high-def version of the piece will be included on the Man of Steel Blu-ray that will be released next month.

We wish we could show you the video directly, but we can’t.  Entertainment Weekly has the exclusive on it.  To view the video, you’ll have to go there to do it.  Click on the image, and it’s up, up and … you know the rest.


DC Comics has now released the video on YouTube, so you can watch it right here without leaving the comfort of your favorite sci-fi random radio web site.


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