Ylvis’ peculiar, wildly popular What Does the Fox Say? has taken the internet by storm.  But now that he’s published his original, Krypton Radio’s internet rule #42B kicks in:  if it exists, there is filk of it.  Say hello to the Mech Warrior version of it called  What Does The Mech Say? by Geoffrey Gerber and Owen Satori.

This is filk of what is already a parody song, so it’s kind of meta to start with.  The animation (that isn’t taken from Mech Warrior screen captures) was done using Blender.    Gerber’s focus is on Mech Warrior, not making music parodies, so this is kind of a one off, but it’s still so very well done that we couldn’t resist.  And naturally, it’s going into the Krypton Radio play library.  As long as you have to have the song as an earworm, it might as well be this version.


By the way, Mech Warrior is an online game that’s free to play, and you can actually win at it without forking over piles of cash.  Windows only.

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