Several plastic figurines to beam up.

Today we present a stop-motion music video from a geek band called Sci-Fried, done entirely with Star Trek action figures and playsets.  And a little clever help with motion graphics and a glowing green hand.

Sci-Fried has released four albums and one DVD since their launch in 2008.  Ramming Speed is an all parody CD based on a wide variety of popular classic and modern rock songs.  Geeks Unite was the band’s first release of all original rock music infused with science fiction, fantasy, gaming and all things geek as lyrical themes. Their third album, Future Tense, explores the past and future state of Sci-Fi in a variety of musical styles that demonstrates the band’s growth and continuing diversity musically and lyrically. In 2012 Sci-Fried released Co-Op Mode. An all collaboration album with some of the hottest names in Nerd Music.  MC Lars, Warp 11 and Kirby Krackle are just a few on Co-Op Mode that Sci-Fried was able to work with.  The Sci-Fried Music Video Collective vol. 1 DVD contains over 11 Music Videos and over 90 minutes of total video.

Their style is loud, raucous and irreverent, and a whole lot of fun.


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  • Sci-Fried’s Bandcamp page