review by Zrath Smiley

Almost Human_JJ Abrams_04So I watched the first two episodes of “Almost Human”, the newest Bad Robot production from J.J. Abrams. Somebody’s going for a Blade Runner/I, Robot/Total Recall remake vibe with a sprinkling of Max Headroom.

The year is 2048 and technology is so advanced that the police doesn’t know how to cope with it. Each officer is paired with an MX, a robot cop with no sense of humor whatsoever. Karl Urban plays damaged cop John Kennex who just got back on the force after getting his leg blown off, losing his human partner, and being in a coma for 2 years. They give him an MX, which he promptly throws under a truck. So they unmothball a DRN (Dorian), an older droid with Genuine People Personality ™ – sorry I mean Synthetic Soul – and give him that instead. DRNs had been decomissioned because they were prone to having emotions. Hopefully, Dorian will turn out to be more Bishop from Aliens than Ash from Alien.

It’s going to be fun spotting references to other sci-fi stuff!

For example, the second episode features a ‘sexbots’ nightclub called Are Friends Electric. That’s the title of a Gary Numan song, who was himself very sci-fi. Also, “electric friends” is the term I use for people I have met only on the Internet and never in real-life.

Said second episode had to do with unsavory Albanians making sexbots with human skin, creating in effect ‘skinjobs’. (There’s that Blade Runner thing again!)

So far, I’m kinda digging it. The interaction between Kennex and his “plastic pal who’s fun to be with” is amusing and I can see it providing an endless source of amusement.

Music for this series is by The Crystal Method and I recognized a track by Amon Tobin in the second episode. It was Easy Muffin from his first album, Bricolage.  I found the YouTube video for that too and include it here.

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