Reviewed by Movie Moxie’s Alicia Glass

Website: Atlantis

altantis-2Modern-day Jason, searching for his father in a mysterious submarine wreckage, finds himself washed ashore in the ancient lost city of Atlantis!

I’m a rabid student of Greco-Roman myths, stories, and culture, so when I heard about Atlantis, I tried not to be skeptical. On the other hand, the show is being put out by BBC, who have yet to steer us wrong. And here they give us yet another gem, with a uniquely British sense of humor, style, structure and sense of storytelling, a show that will no doubt entertain whole battalions of fans.

So Jason (we never did get a surname) is out in the modern world on a ship, searching for his long-lost father, who got lost while doing some searching of his own, in a submarine. And of course Jason (Jack Donnelly) has to go down and search the sub all on his own, after a speech about the odd necklace his father had given him as a memento, only to get washed away himself! Jason finds himself on the set of Spartacus, or rather an ancient Greece setting, where he steal some garb to blend in with the locals and somehow everyone speaks (and understands) modern-day English. (That’s the single inconsistency I noticed, and choose to remark on it only once.) After some issues with a two-headed pet lizard and the city guards, Jason meets Pythagoras (Robert Emms), yes that guy, and his rather drunken flat-mate, Hercules (Mark Addy). Jason learns where and when he is, having some of his many questions answered and a great many more brought up when he visits the Oracle of Poseidon. And suddenly Jason finds himself caught up in the drama of the city of Atlantis, the Seven Chosen by lottery to find the honor of being a sacrifice to the Minotaur, when one of the seven chosen happens to be his friend Pythagoras. After a smoldering encounter with Princess Ariadne (Aiysha Hart), Jason takes it upon himself to take his friends place and face the Minotaur. But who ever heard of the legend of Jason defeating the Minotaur? That’s right, you haven’t.

But what then? How will Jason get home, and does he even want to now? The many questions concerning Jason’s missing mother are fun to guess at too. My current theory, given Jason’s newfound acrobatics, bravery, and lets not forget Oracular prophecy and many shadowed enemies, is that Jason’s mother is either a Goddess or a Monster of some kind. The latter seems a little less likely, given Jason’s normal appearance, so now it’s fun to wager which female Goddess birthed the legend of Jason! Of course Jason’s father is still missing too, yes, and we could wager that he’s here in Atlantis, hiding or being held and waiting for Jason to come rescue him. Either way, the fodder for stories with this uniquely twisted BBC sense of humor is boundless.

– 30 –