Steins-Gate Fuka Ryouiki no Deja vuReviewed by Alicia Glass, contributing writer

Taking place a year after the events of the anime series, Burdened Domain of Déjà vu has lab assistant Kurisu trying desperately to save Okabe, keep the Future Gadgets Lab together, and not destroy all the World Lines in the process!

Whew! So okay, a quick run through if you haven’t seen the anime series. (Though if you haven’t, why are you watching the sequel movie anyway?) Okabe Rintaro fancies himself a genius mad scientist epic type and, guess what?  It turns out he really is – as he invents a time machine that sends him headlong into an endless series of repeating death loops of his Club friends. To get out of the loop, he has to find the right “Steins;Gate World Line,” which not only prevents  the deaths of Mayuri and Kurisu, but is also about as close to proper reality as he’s going to get. To prevent his friends from dying and the SERN bad guys from wanting to kill him, Okabe destroys his time and time leap machines and is content to let things rest there. This is about where our story begins, August 2011 or so, a year after these events have taken place.

Mayuri is still the same cosplay dear she always was, still working as a mochi maid at the café with Faris, and the shrine maiden in drag, Ruka, still hangs out at the clubhouse. Daru is still a suuuper hacker, even the landlord and his daughter are still about and having fun. Kurisu just came back from holiday elsewhere, and as soon as she shows back up at the clubhouse, things begin to go awry.

Apparently Okabe is now having problems with the “proper” World Line himself, having jumped so many times and so many Lines in order to find just the right one, where neither Mayuri nor Kurisu dies, he’s become “out of phase” with this final World Line and soon enough will disappear entirely, as if he had never been.

Kurisu apparently realizes this, and only she has the nerve to make yet another time machine and go Line hopping to fix it! Kurisu learns she has to do something in Okabe’s past to anchor him to this Line forever, and what she finally comes up with is adorable, and very Steins;Gate. Love and frustration mixed with dollops of sci-fi and even smidges of horror, the sequel anime movie is a very nice touch to SG fans everywhere.



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