Big Trouble in Little China Teaser by Eric Powell

Big Trouble in Little China Teaser by Eric Powell

by Michael Brown, staff writer

“You leave Jack Burton alone!” That was what Chinese sorcerer Egg Shen told his lawyer in the aftermath of the events of 1986’s Kurt Russell-driven Big Trouble in Little China. But it seems everybody wants a piece of ol’ Jack, and Krypton Radio has confirmed with BOOM! Studios that they will continue Jack Burton’s adventures in a new comic series this summer.  After some teasing with artwork drawn by Eric Powell (The Goon), the company has officially announced the release of a comic series based on the cult comedy/horror/kung-fu/action-adventure film. Powell will write the book with John Carpenter, who wrote and directed the original screenplay, providing insight as technical consultant. Artwork will be handled by The Sixth Gun penciler Brian Churilla. Powell will initially write two four-issue arcs, but has said he would be interested in doing more.

Big Trouble in Little China will take place in 1986 and will pick up from the last shot of the film, with writer Powell promising in an interview with Comic Book Resources “…no Jack Burton on the Internet with a cell phone…”, and the addition of some new characters. Over the years, fans of the film have wondered just whatever became of ol’ Jack Burton and the Pork Chop Express. In 2009, fans almost found out when Top Cow announced plans for a “Big Trouble” comic but the project ultimately fell through. And in 2010, Crank Left published a short lived “Jack Burton Adventures” comic that the company stated was fan fiction.

John Carpenter’s (Halloween, Halloween 2, The Thing, Escape from New York, Escape from L.A., etc…) film dealt with wisecracking trucker, Jack Burton, whom Carpenter always claimed was actually the film’s sidekick. While in San Francisco’s Chinatown, Burton helps his friend, Wang Chi, rescue his fiance Miao Yin from an ancient Chinese sorcerer. The sorcerer needs to sacrifice the green-eyed girl to appease a dark Chinese god, which will  lift a curse  and give the sorcerer immortality. The BOOM! series will pick up right where the film left off, with Wang and Miao Yin attempting to get married as mysterious forces conspire to prevent it.

BOOM! Studios will release four variant covers for the first issue to coincide with the comic’s release. Big Trouble in Little China # 1 by Eric Powell, John Carpenter and Brian Churilla will hit comic shop shelves June 4, 2014.