Remember when you were a kid and one of the only redeeming moments of having to go to the supermarket with your mom was getting to the checkstand and getting to pick out a comic book? Or when there used to be toys kids actually wanted inside a box of cereal, and they’d beg, plead, and promise to mow the lawn if mom would buy that cereal? Well, DC Comics, General Mills, and Target have teamed up in a co-branded marketing campaign which plays on the nostalgia of both getting a new comic book at the market AND finding cool toys inside your box of cereal.

In partnership with DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Consumer Products, DC has put out four special edition Justice League comic books, which are available in most supermarkets, inside boxes of GM cereal, and a fifth special edition which is only available in boxes of Cheerios at Target stores. The boxes are printed with DC Comics superhero costume pieces to cut out and play with.

Here’s the 21st Century twist: you read part one in the book that comes with the cereal, then go online to read part two and check out the bonus content. Once you’ve cut out your costume pieces, you’re encouraged to don them, strike your best superhero pose, and post pictures on social media using the hashtag #SuperHeroing.

Lisa Tomassen, integrated communication manager at General Mills, says, “We’re excited for people young and old to discover these comic books in their favorite cereals, giving them a strong, confident start to the day.”

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