Office Ninja Poster FINAL PRINTby Alicia Glass, contributing writer

After being edged out by a co-worker for the job he deserved, Tomas decides it’s time to take some radical action. His buddy Raheem has been telling Tomas about the Way of the Ninja, which Tomas now vows to follow, and clean up the corruption and backward practices in his office. His MacGyver-ninja brand of geekery gives a fresh (back)spin to a premise that could easily have fallen flat.

Office Ninja a campy romp that is, indeed, rather like The Office, or even Office Space, what with the disgruntled cubicle warriors, clueless boss, and the inevitable villain scooper-of-plum-jobs! Tomas (Jade Carter) wants nothing more than to drag his job and his boss Daryl (Todd Johnson) kicking and screaming — if that’s what it takes — into the 21st century, replacing the antiquated fill-these-sheets-out-by-hand methods his office has going at the moment.

After having his promotion snatched out from under him, Tomas is showing new officemate Jessica around, awkwardly trying to ask her out, while Raheem supplies as many pop culture references he can to make the situation at least laughable. Raheem has a thing for ninja in general, and always seems to have a book or comic book that has Ninja in the title somewhere, to try and poke Tomas into doing some sort of frat-boy revenge on the office. After one too many slams and being repeatedly overlooked, Tomas finally takes matters into his own Halloween-costumed hands!

Raheem (Jose Rosete) is the funny guy who can’t seem to decide which offshoot race he happens to hail from and so tries out a different one every couple of hours, in the most charmingly awkward way possible. The IT guy is a mysterious legend around the office known only as Kenji (Francois Chau). The inevitable villain job-snatcher is sharp-dressed Jett (Robb Padgett), purveyor of porn in the office and all-around ass-hat. Toss into the mix the new girl, Jessica (Jessica Mills) of the red hair and large rack, and we have a recipe for comedy!

The film is inter-spliced with adorable little cartoons portraying the hard life and Ways of the Ninja, which parallel Tomas’ story, from their humble and overworked beginnings to the triumphant slaying of a dragon to save the villagers! The cartoons are highly geeky and look like they’re something Kevin Smith would be proud of!

But is there more than one office ninja? What man (or woman) stuck in the killing environment of the cubicle farm would turn down an opportunity to be a Geek-dream, black-clad, shadowy champion of justice: a Ninja? Sharpen your AOL-CD-shuriken and find out! Office Ninja is now available in the iTunes store.


Studio: Part Time Movie Guy

Director: Bin Lee

Review Rating: 7