Written by Mark Waid Pencils by Jim Cheung and Paco Medina Marvel

Written by Mark Waid
Pencils by Jim Cheung and Paco Medina

by Michael Brown, staff writer

Hey there, faithful reader and welcome to The Pull List for the week of  April 24, 2014. You may have noticed there hasn’t been a Pull List for a couple of weeks. That’s because your hard-working, intrepid nerd newshound had to have some desperately needed shoulder surgery. The same shoulder, I might add, that Bucky Barnes’ bionic one is. But while I did have to have mine rebuilt, it’s nowhere near as useful as Bucky’s, nor as cool. But I do have many weeks of physical therapy ahead so who knows. By the time I’m done, maybe I’ll be able to lift a Volkswagen. Or at least a small bicycle. But enough about me. Let’s talk comics.

So what is The Pull List? Every Wednesday, I go to my local comic shop and get the comics that my faithful comic shop owner puts back for me every week. My pull list. And then I read those comics and bring you what I think are the two or three notables of the week. And it goes a little something like this …

Over in the Marvel U. this week, Original Sin kicks off with issue #0; It’s the beginning of the end of the Fantastic Four in Fantastic Four #3; Venom and Captain Marvel join the Guardians of the Galaxy just in time to help the team find the missing Star-Lord as Guardians of the Galaxy celebrates its 100th written issue in issue #14; and Elektra launches her solo book with Elektra #1.

In DC’s New 52niverse, Justice League United #0 spotlights Canada’s new team; Stephanie Brown makes her long-awaited New 52 debut, just in time for a Gotham gang war in Batman: Eternal #3; Superman continues his showdown with the New 52 Doomsday in Superman #30; and Justice League Dark gets a new team leader after the Forever Evil event, and ferrets out the traitor in their midst in Justice League Dark #30.

24: Underground #1 from IDW tells the story of Jack Bauer’s exploits prior to the upcoming new miniseries; Buffy and the Scoobies face a different and deadlier vampire menace in Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 10 #2; and Lara Croft hunts for the force that’s terrorizing the Endurance crew in Tomb Raider #3, both from Dark Horse Comics.

Marvel’s summer event, Original Sin, looks to be the most interesting event that’s come out of the House of Ideas yet. And there have been a lot lately, as Marvel tries to re-establish some continuity in their universe without making it a total clusterfluff the way DC has with their New 52. And despite the fact that the plot seems to closely mirror DC’s pre-New 52 Identity Crisis, this has the potential to be a game changer. But the nature of zero-issues of comics is to merely set up the reader for what’s about to happen, be it a prologue or an origin story. Original Sin will deal with the murder of Earth’s watcher, Uatu, and the heroes of the Marvel Universe’s quest to find his killer, promising some unusual team-ups. Punisher and Doctor Strange working together in a buddy cop scenario, for example. Which, we are told, will happen. But while searching for the killer, some hidden and devastating sins of the heroes come to light.

Original Sin #0 has Nova asking the question, “Why does the Watcher do what he does?” So we get an origin story of sorts as we learn why he does what he does and who he is, naturally to get the reader to care for him before he’s brutally murdered in Original Sin #1. And this issue really made me like Nova, someone I was never all that interested in before. But while the story wasn’t immediately necessary, it was written by Mark Waid, who delivered his customary well-written story, with art by the awesome Jim Cheung, which made it hard to pass up, as I’m not a big zero-issue buyer myself. Unless something happens later in which issue #0 plays a crucial part, it’s not a necessary purchase. But I wasn’t sorry I picked it up.

And if you’re curious about Identity Crisis, I encourage you to check it out. It’s political thriller author Brad Meltzer’s debut to comics writing, and it seriously puts the screws to DC’s heroes. A much beloved supporting character is found murdered, sending angry ripples across the DC Universe. And in their effort to find the killer, the Justice League uncovers incredible secrets and truths about themselves that would resonate across the DCU for years after. It’s a story about good guys doing bad things for good reasons, and standing in the aftermath of raw betrayal by people you thought you could trust.


Written by Mark Waid Art and Cover by Chris Samnee Marvel

Written by Mark Waid
Art and Cover by Chris Samnee

Speaking of Mark Waid, he and Chris Samnee continue to make Daredevil one of the must-read books on the market. Already in issue 2, Matt’s barely settled in at the City by the Bay before he’s facing down the Shroud, one of Marvel’s forgotten heroes who did some time with the West Coast Avengers way back when. Turns out Shroud doesn’t like competition, especially the red-suited-with-radar-sense kind. This issue was light on the action, nothing at all like issue #1, but some interesting conspiratorial developments with Foggy are brewing, and a question of who’s in bed with San Francisco’s new crime lord, as Waid and Samnee set up Matt’s new world. It looks like Waid and company have got enough juice to keep DD’s adventures in San Francisco ongoing, and with one Frank Castle a.k.a. The Punisher having just moved into town, you know those titans are gonna clash. If you’re not reading Daredevil, you’re missing out on one of the best books out there. This is the best DD has ever been. And if you’re reading Daredevil and you just can’t get enough of Waid and Samnee, check out their work on The Rocketeer: Cargo of Doom from IDW.

And that, gang, was The Pull List.  Next week’s a big week, in that Peter Parker is back in the red and blue, presumably trying to figure out the life Otto left him, in the first issue of Amazing Spider-Man; a new supernatural-based Avengers team debuts in the Uncanny Avengers annual; the first issue of  Original Sin, Vigo the Carpathian returns in the new issue of Ghostbusters; and the release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in theaters!

As always, feel free to let me know what you guys are reading! Comment below or email me.

It’s a great time to be a comics fan. Happy Reading!