alien-nation-52d09df9ad8bfby Alicia Glass, contributing writer

Way back in the 80’s, we were blessed with the interesting mix of genres known as the Alien Nation movie, starring James Caan, Mandy Patinkin, Terence Stamp and Peter Jason, among others. The film was a lasting success and spawned a wildly popular TV show spinoff, and many other made-for-TV movies based on original elements from the original film. Graced to us rabid fans by Rockne S. O’Bannon, the genius behind such amazements as Farscape and Defiance, the movie defined the “buddy cop” movie with a twist as we know it. Fox tried to reboot the show back in 2009, but it never even got to the small screen, which is a shame.

Well, they’re gonna try it again! The movie (and shows) main themes of tolerance toward Newcomer aliens, the struggles of the disaffected trying to integrate into our society, and of course the inevitable decline of society by the criminal element, are all things that can be re-imagined in a great futuristic buddy cop show, like Almost Human. And here in 2014, we have all kinds of technological advances, to try and make the visuals of the small screen just as astounding as the big screen blockbusters. But where will that lead us? At its original heart, Alien Nation was a human (and yes, alien) drama, so let us hope that plot isn’t sacrificed for drop-dead visuals, a la most of the Stargate franchise.

Mark Roybal and Ryan Jones are Executive Producers for the show, and are still in the process of finding writers to develop a script. No word yet on actors, roles, or even if the new Alien Nation will be a true reboot or a stand-alone based on original AN concepts. These guys better hurry, if they want to stand any chance at going up against newcomer titans like Gotham and Constantine.