Jim Butcher at Wyrd Con V

Jim Butcher at Wyrd Con V

Wyrd Con V is in full swing in Los Angeles! The annual storytelling convention draws writers, designers of props and costumes, gamers, actors, and verbal storytellers from all over the world together to hone their skills and share ideas for enriching the palette of storytelling. The con covers a huge range of “toolsets” for storytellers, like transmedia presentations, augmented reality, and live action. There is a dizzying array for workshops, panels, contests, and tournaments. There’s also table-top gaming, LARP, and story games for everyone to enjoy!

As explained on their website, “Wyrd Con presents opportunities to combine various tools and provides a venue to try them out. Each tool and method brings the storyteller different capabilities, the specifics always highly debated. But to me, when these tool concepts are mixed together they can create a new formula seldom tried in the world today.”

Telling stories through costuming is another aspect of Wyrd Con, and attendees will have the opportunity to interact with designers, SPFX makeup artists, and cosplayers to learn and be inspired to create more and better costuming.

It’s not too late to join the fun and inspiration at Wyrd Con V. Special guests include Jim Butcher, Ken Kristensen, and Rachel Lara. The event runs through Monday, May 26, 2014, and is happening at the Westin LAX hotel, 5400 West Century Boulevard, Los Angeles. Day passes are $45 each, and full attendee badges are $120. For additional information, please visit the event’s website.


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