[krvod url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9WBqHdI5Bdw#t=0]We know, we know, but that’s what it’s called. But boy are you in for a treat. In this amazing video with the highest production values we’ve seen in years, Hilly and Hannah Hindi present a Doctor Who parody of the David Tennant era to end all Doctor Who parodies.  Apart from being substantially and inescapably funny, it’s full of amazing cosplay from all the most memorable episodes, along with portrayals of Rose Tyler, Martha Jones and Donna Noble.  The actors don’t necessarily all look like their series character counterparts, and ordinarily that’s a problem, but not here.  The acting is so good that they nail every tiny inflection and affectation the original actors used to create their characters.  Famous scenes are recreated with stunning attention to detail, and the big musical number at the end is something not to be missed.

This just blows us away.  We think it’ll blow you away too.


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