attack-on-titan-thumb-630xauto-44793by Alicia Glass, contributing writer

The wildly popular giant-based anime, Attack On Titan is being given the live-action treatment, and it’s already in production! Famed special effects supervisor and storyboardist Shinji Higuchi, best-known for his work on the 1990 Gamera series is set to direct. Yusuke Watanabe, who did the live-action film, Gantz, and subculture expert/critic Tomohiro Machiyama are writing the script. The live-action treatment of Attack on Titan begins filming the summer of 2014, and is slated to open wide in the summer of 2015.

The lead role of Eren Yager has been cast as Haruma Miura, known for his singing career and recent acting roles in things like Gokusen The Movie. No word as yet on the casting of other pivotal roles, such as sister Mikasa, or Eren’s close friend Armin Arlert. Filming location has been set as the abandoned ghost town island commonly known as Gukanjima, which gained fame being used as a villain lair in James Bond’s Skyfall.

aot-locThe anime itself has a literal grand scale as far as the sheer size of the characters involved and the sweeping scenes needed to really flesh out (no pun intended) the story. Will we see full shots of all three walls (Maria the outermost, Rose the middle, and Sina the innermost) and the many humans huddled inside for protection, as the Anime deserves? The Titans themselves, while looking more or less humanoid only huge, may present logistical problems as well. After all, even the female Titan (Spoilerz!) ran around naked, though the anime makes it more or less clear that Titans have no genitals to speak of.

And just imagine the Asian prowess at what is called Wire-Fu in the industry, being put towards the use of the Vertical Maneuvering Equipment in the live-action film! /drool. This should be totally awesome, and I cannot wait!