by Alicia Glass, Contributing Writer 

As the summer waxes in all its glorious heat, we celebrate our independence from bad TV shows! Do Werewolves shed in summer? What weird cravings does an alien pregnancy bring? Can you really outshoot Legolas, in Real Life even? And yes, there is such a thing as full-body makeup with built-in SPF!



Where: CBS

When: Wednesdays, starting July 9th, 2014, 9:00 pm Central

What IS it: Halle Berry is an infertile astronaut who, after spending a year out in space, comes home to find her experiences there have planet-changing consequences. (Rumor has it she’s pregnant with some kind of alien thingamie, and that’s just where the plot begins.) Her gifted scientist husband already made her a son, Ethan, who happens to be a prototype “Humanich” or humanoid robot, so there’s plenty going on in the show already!



The Quest 


Where: ABC

When: Thursdays, starting July 31st, 2014, 8 pm Central

Why we should ALL try it: Who wouldn’t want to engage in a competition spearheaded by the Executive Producer of Lord of the Rings and the guys from The Amazing Race? 12 souls compete in a fantasy world brought to life, rife with epic challenges they must overcome!



The Strain


Where: FX

When: Sundays, starting July 13th, 2014, 7:00 pm

What’s WITH the eyeball worm: Dr. Ephraim Goodweather and his Canary team from the Center for Disease Control are called in to investigate a viral outbreak that happens to have vampiric trappings. Based on a novel by Chuck Hogan and Guillermo del Toro, this one is hotly anticipated by everyone. (And yes that is Samwise in the trailer, oh yes!)



Hemlock Grove Season 2 

hemlock grove s2

Where: Netflix

When: Starting July 11th, 2014

What was THAT: Hemlock Grove is one of those entirely controversial and utterly weird shows, as anyone who saw the first season can tell you. Like Twin Peaks sprinkled with supernaturals, the first season shot off with a murder mystery of a young girl in an already secretive town. Who knows what total oddness Eli Roth will come up with for his original series in Season 2? (Be warned, the trailer for Season 2 isn’t SFW.)



Faceoff Season 7


Where: SyFy

When: Tuesdays, starting July 22nd 2014, 9 pm

Yet MORE Makeup: Welcome to Faceoff Season 7! Mackenzie Westmore is back, along with our alumni Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neil, Neville Page, and this season they’re adding a new judge, Lois Burwell! Prepare to journey into the realms of Fantasy, Horror, Scifi and utter Whimsy with our harried brand new artist contestants!