Sam Wilson as Captain America.

Sam Wilson as Captain America.

By Nur Hussein, staff writer

Last night, Marvel Comics unveiled the newest person to take up the mantle of Captain America: Sam Wilson (a.k.a Falcon). Joe Quesada, Marvel’s CCO went on Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report to make the announcement. Show host Stephen Colbert, who is a huge comics geek himself and has a replica of Cap’s shield prominently on display on the set, joked that he wanted to be the new Captain America. However, Quesada said the job had been filled, and it will be Falcon taking the costume and the shield, but only in the comics.

If you’ve been following the comics series, you’ll know that in Captain America #21 the original and most well-known Captain America, Steve Rogers, had his super-serum sucked out of him, leaving him without his powers and aging his body to that of an old man (at least he looks his age now). With Steve Rogers off to become the grumpy old mentor, the new Captain America is now the former Falcon, Sam Wilson. This makes sense for Marvel; they’ve been heavily promoting the character of Wilson on the big screen in Captain America: The Winter Soldier (played by Anthony Mackie), therefore he’s fresh on the minds of general audiences.

This hasn’t been the first time Captain America has been replaced. During the Civil War storyline in 2007, Steve Rogers was killed as a consequence of the superhero strife that occurred in the comics then. The mantle of Captain America was then taken up by his friend Bucky Barnes. However, Steve Rogers returned after his death (turns out he didn’t really die, and it was more of a timey wimey thing), and resumed his duties as Captain America.

Now Sam Wilson is taking on the role, and this is is probably not a permanent change either (as it wasn’t back in 2007), but hopefully we’ll see some interesting new stories from this comics event.

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