funimation-logoby Alicia Glass, contributing writer

Ah, the anime fan crowd. Where cosplaying as the most adorable maid with cat ears that really move, even when you’re a guy, is a status symbol and not something to be made fun of. How we love our anime and their amazing characters – the Shinigami and their apples, the giant transforming robots, the sci-fi Samurai, even and perhaps most especially the extra weird, where we have no idea what’s going on, just that it looks cool as hell.

Funimation is a distributing and licensing company that does all sorts of things anime, and a few others things besides, but we’re concentrating on anime for this. They brought to Toonami such amazements as Attack on Titan, the always-randy Space Dandy, our favorite pirates from One Piece, and the Elric brothers are back in Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, just to name a few. On Funimation’s own site, there is more anime than even I know what to do with – Fairy Tail is always a fire-breathing good time, the Enforcers and Inspectors are back in Psycho-Pass, and did I mention the new Black Butler Book of Circus?! That’s only the tiniest bit of what Funimation has to offer – you can buy DVDs, dubbed or subbed at your pleasure; stream videos (both dubbed and subbed, too); play games or check out trailers for new anime, but what we’re drooling over this time is the Apps.

Here in the Apps section, you can download a Funimation app for your mobile phone, your tablet, even your Roku and Xbox. I own both a Roku and an Xbox, but we went with the Roku App for this one, and holy crap is it awesome! (The Xbox Funimation App can be downloaded from the Xbox Dashboard, you just have to look for it.) The sheer volume of anime to choose from is staggering, and it is all helpfully laid out into categories to peruse – by name, popularity, genre, you name it and you stand a good chance of that anime being there. There are ways to rank your watched anime, so the Funimation app can make suggestions based on previously watched shows. Most shows come with the dubbed or subtitled option, and if you choose to purchase a Funimation subscription, the option of watching your beloved anime in HD will begin appearing!

Funimation offers us Otaku anime fans over 9,000+ episodes of anime to delightedly choose from. The new stuff is just the tip of the iceberg – you can wander through older things, such as an HD screening of the legendary Akira, drool over all the .Hack episodes, fall into Dragonball Z, chase pirates with Captain Harlock, and wave flags with Hetalia! There is of course a category for movies as well, and some of them are even live-action adaptations of our beloved anime, like Smuggler and Ichi, or plenty of other proud anime movie offerings, such as the inevitable Afro Samurai Resurrection.  With this much anime available on your Roku or Xbox, grab the Pocky and prepare to never the leave the house again!